Wednesday, February 2, 2011

{Baby It's Cold Outside}

18 degrees outside with a wind chill of SEVEN degrees...there is noooo way that is right.  Rubbing my tired eyes, I looked again and sure enough it was.  Reading that made me snuggle down under the covers.  Getting up was just not going to happen,  so I decided to wait for the heat to come on before crawling out into the cold and fell asleep for another hour or so.  Awake again, I peered through my window hoping to see snow or at least some ice but there was no such thing.  The weather was bitterly cold and I resolved to hide in the soft warmth of my down comforter...

Okay okay, I'm up I'm up!  Finally convincing myself it was warm enough to venture out of the covers, I made some hot and delicious oatmeal for breakfast-- exactly what I needed to warm up and get my day started!  After breakfast, it was off to the races (so to speak).  I had some baking to do!  Quickly shifting gears to baking mode, I pulled out the bowls, spoons, and various ingredients.  Nothing makes a house smell better than fresh chocolate chip cookies and blueberry muffins! It was a success indeed.

I had the great pleasure of spending the afternoon with my good friend, Adele, and her sweet little baby, Ashlyn.  Neither of us wanted to be in the cold so bundling up and staying indoors was definitely the way to go.  It is amazing how us girls can talk about anything and everything in just a few hours!  Before long, I held Ashlyn and watched her make all sorts of cute, expressive faces while Adele made some hot tea. Babies are such a wonderful blessing; their soft pure skin and their tiny little hands and feet never cease to amaze me.  Between nestling in the large, exceedingly habitable couch, playing with the baby, and talking girl talk, time flew by.

Now I am back in my cozy bed with the warmth of the heater. Tomorrow we will do it all over again...

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