Wednesday, February 9, 2011


I can still hear my mom singing the Girl Scout song:
"A circle is round, it has no end-- That's how long I will be your friend..."

When you are a girl, nothing beats having friends you can talk with for hours about anything and everything. Today I had the pleasure of spending time with two great friends: Adele and Megan. 

I met Adele 5 or 6 years ago through her boyfriend (husband now), Ian.  Her and I have more reserved personalities and therefore had little to discuss when we first met, but over the years our friendship has turned into one of those relationships I could not live without.  I remember spending the night at her house for her birthday.  We ended up staying awake all night talking, watching movies, and eating an extraordinary amount of sugar.  Her kind and understanding personality makes me comfortable enough to talk to her about anything with no hesitation.  She is like the older sister I never had.  
I love watching her bond with her newborn baby, Ashlyn.  She is, without a doubt, an outstanding mother and I am blessed to be apart of her life.  I definitely enjoy spending time with her and Ashlyn in my free time. 

I first met Megan exactly 19 years and 6 months ago.  From birth, our houses have been across the street from each other.  Up until middle school, we were inseparable!  If I was not at her house, she was at mine.  Summer days were spent playing putt-putt or off on one of our many adventures down at the neighborhood park.  After middle school, we both became busy with school and different activities after school and we slowly stopped hanging out. 
 It is amazing how time changes us, yet at the same time not everything changes. Megan is a cheerleader at UT, and enjoys life at college very much.  I sympathize that she is not totally sure what she wants to study (I have been there and it is NOT fun).  Tonight, we were able to sit down for some coffee at a local Starbucks and catch up.  We visited and laughed for an hour; it was as if time froze and we went back to being 10 years old, playing on the playscape and talking girl talk.  We are both in a really good place in life and I could not be happier for her.  We also promised not to let anymore time pass and to keep in touch!  I definitely cannot wait to catch up with her again.

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