Monday, January 31, 2011

{A Little R&R}

This past weekend was exactly what I needed: doing a whole lot of nothing...

On Saturday, Brandon and I made plans to visit with his step-mom, Vick, and her boyfriend, John. While Brandon loaded all the software they could possibly need on their iMac's, I played with and took pictures of their new six-month-old kitten, Baby. I also enjoyed being able to kick back on the couch to watch Valentine's Day while I edited some pictures. There is something about sitting in a room with people you love, with the sun's natural light cascading through the window that makes life so enjoyable. Watching the kitten dance around the room and curiously sticking her head into everything makes me wish that kittens would just stay young and cute (none of that old grumpy cat stuff).

Sunday was an absolutely gorgeous day! You know you are in Texas when it's 78 degrees in January! Brandon and I took our homework outside by the pool. I could not help but have a smile on my face listening to the little voices of the neighborhood kids drifting through the wind. You would think summer decided to come early this year with seeing everyone outside in shorts and tank tops!
After dinner we went to see some friends who had asked for a favor. Miss Mandy competes in the Miss Teen Texas beauty pageant every year and she needed a photo headshot. It was a lot of fun hanging out with her and the family and we took some great pictures. I am also looking forward to taking pictures for her at the pageant.

Friday, January 28, 2011


This whole week has been a blur.  To start off my emotions are out of whack so rationally processing anything is difficult.  The littlest things are huge deals and so on. Yesterday however was not a blur, I remember everything with remarkable distinction.

First off, Jujube (my new bunny) ran out of food so I emailed the nice breeder we got Juju from, asking her what brand she gave her bunnies (that way I could get the same kind).  She told me that brand is only sold at Tractor Supply or online. I looked it up on Tractor Supply's website, and sure enough they had a 25 lb. bag and a 50 lb. bag.  Much to my demise, the only one they had in stock for the next week was the 50 lb. bag. How is my little 2 1/2 bunny suppose to eat all that food, anyway?! Seeing no other option, I drove to the store where it all went down. Allow me to clearly illustrate the scene for you:
I walked into Tractor Supply in my work clothes (nice pants, a nice shirt, sweater, and high heel boots) and asked to be directed to the rabbit food. The oh-so-kind gentleman pointed me in the direction of the food and noted that he only had a 50 lb. bag available. I walked one aisle over to find exactly what I needed...yet how on this green earth was I going to get that oblong, jumbo-sized bag to the cash register, much less to my car? Being only slightly independent and stubborn (oh yes, only "slightly"), I decided I would haul it myself! Sure enough, I lugged, hobbled, and shuffled that bag over to the lady who stood there, chuckling all the while. Next time I shall send my "muscle head" of a boyfriend to fetch Juju's extravagant 50 lb. bag of gourmet good.

After retrieving Miss Thang's food, I hopped into my car and started for home.  Without skipping a beat, my car kindly reminded me it also needed some food when the empty light meekly flicker on.  Ugh!  Filling up has become increasingly daunting as the prices continue to rise.  Nevertheless, I stopped at a reasonably-priced gas station.  The whole process went smoothly!... until I went inside the convenience store.  Being in a less-familiar area of town, I wanted to make the trip as quick as possible.  With gas-pump hands, I turned my focus to the dingy, stinky restroom.  The door to the bathroom was undoubtedly one of the heaviest doors I have tried to open; I have reason to believe the door was too large for the frame built to support it.  After almost breaking into the bathroom, I washed my hands and proceeded to commit the act that still lingers in my memory (and stride!).  Recalling how difficult the door was to pry open, I planted my feet and wrenched it open as hard as I could.  The next thing I knew, tears streaked down my cheeks and to the cold tile floor.  In my efforts to jerk the door open, I managed to drive the inside edge of the door right into the center of my knee, causing shooting pains throughout my leg.  Thoroughly hurt and embarrassed, I limped back to my car, not caring to look back at the cashier who was probably wondering what happened.
All in all, what felt like a split kneecap showed up as a nice bruise on the middle of my knee.  I guess I cannot complain too much, right?

Later that evening, I was more than happy to arrive at my next destination- as planned- to enjoy a nice, low-key dinner with Brandon.  That place happened to be the delicious restaurant, Olive Garden, where one would have to be crazy not to fall in love with the breadsticks!
I digress.
We returned to his house for some rest and relaxation-- just what the doctor ordered!

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

{A cold morning, but a beautiful day}

Breakfast is ready, lunch is made, and bags are packed--off to school on time! Well maybe not...

As I opened the door I was greeted by a cold burst of air that instantly made my eyes water. While approaching my car I noticed a thin layer of glittering ice crystals, not thinking much about it I unlocked the doors and started the car. Much to my dismay there was a layer of ice on my windshield and living in Texas I do not own an ice scraper (guess now I should invest in one) to remove it. Therefore I had to wait while the defrost system in my car worked its magic, all the while watching the clock get later and later. Luckily my teacher was understanding and did not count me late.

In my photography class we went over f/stops, depth of field, shutter speeds, and ISO. I never knew all the steps that went into taking good quality pictures. We have a weekend project to work on depth of field, so I am excited to practice all the different things we have talked about in class. I will admit, I am a little overwhelmed by all the new terms and concepts but at the same time so ready to learn everything there is the know about this new world. My teacher went over the all other classes we will take if we choose photography as our major and I wish I could take them all at once! I can already tell I am going to LOVE every bit of it! My second class is digital imaging which is the editing part of photography (pretty self explanatory).  It also has a lot of new terms and concepts that I heard of but never really thought about. I was happy to find out we are using the same editing software that I already know how to use, which is exciting to a person who does not know much about computers (that is what Brandon is for LOL). I am really excited to see where photography takes me in life, there are so many great opportunities up a head...

Tuesday, January 25, 2011


I'm new to the blogging world so bare with me as I get things set up and tweaked to perfection. Right now I'm in school majoring in photography and taking some classes for marketing/advertising. Whenever I'm not in classes I'm working part time at an insurance agency for Farmers Insurance. Staying busy is something I've mastered over the last couple years and I wouldn't have it any other way. When I'm not in a class or working I spend time with the loves of my family, Brandon, my friends, and Jujube -- the bunny (the newest addition to my family).  In my free time I enjoy playing with my camera and capturing priceless memories.