Friday, February 4, 2011

{Winter Wonder Almost}

What is this white stuff? It is soft and fluffy, cold and wet. Oh that...that is snow! Snow?!? In Austin, Texas? 

Yes!  I excitedly peered out my window this morning to see a pure white blanket of snow covering everything in sight.  I rolled out of bed and bundled up in as many layers and I could (imagine that kid from the Christmas Story).  As I got ready for the possibility of work, I thought of the best way to safely make it over to Brandon's house.  I exited my home to find most of my car covered by a two-inch layer of snow!  As I wrote in "A Cold Morning, But a Beautiful Day," I do not own an ice scraper.  I searched my garage for anything that could possibly be useful to remove the snow, but  the only thing I found was a box of container lids.  Not exactly my first choice, but they would have to do.  As I walked out to my car my dad popped into the room and asked what I was doing.  After explaining my dilemma, he left momentarily and came back with two long sticks with a brush on one end.  With that, I promptly brushed to snow off and jumped in, more than ready to feel the warmth of the heater!
I began the trek to Brandon's house about fifteen miles away.  Unbelievably, a trip that typically takes between 10-15 minutes took an entire 45-60 minutes going a MAXIMUM of 35 mph on Parmer.  Luckily, I made it safely to his house with only a few minor slips and slides-- nothing abnormal to the people who are used to this weather.  I could barely contain my excitement as I entered Brandon's house  to wake him up so he could see the pretty snow!  After getting up, dressing warm, and finding out we didn't have to work until later, we made our game plan.  A while later, we ventured back over to my house to play in the snow.  As I took pictures and tried to stay warm, Brandon started pilling up the snow in the shade so it would not melt.  To me snow is really pretty to look at but a bit too cold and wet!  I definitely would not want to live somewhere that gets heavy amounts of snow.

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