Thursday, January 5, 2012


As I was driving into work Wednesday morning I noticed the lack of clouds in the sky. Most days that is not a problem but my challenge today was capturing clouds. Clouds, by definition, are a visible collection of particles of water or ice suspended in the air, usually at an elevation above the earth's surface. When I was younger my mother and I would pick out different shapes in the clouds, it is a great game to play on long road trips (one I still play to this day). Have you ever noticed that the clouds follow the sun? Around sunset the majority of the clouds are hovered around the sun, creating a beautiful sunset like the one above. Next time your watching the sunset look at the clouds and the shapes they make.


{Something You Wore Today}

Pearls and lace, such a great combination, you can dress them up or use them to accent a causal every day look. One of my recent challenges has been updating my wardrobe, sounds easy right? Think again! I find myself in this awkward place of not knowing were to shop for my age group and my price range (oh money).  I've looked through magazines and found the styles I like but when it comes to the shopping part I get overwhelmed. If only I had a magical closet...I'll keep dreaming.


{A Self-Portrait}

This year...

I will sell my first photograph!
I will be 21 (only 3.5 months)
I am the proud new owner of a beautiful Australian Shepard named Ava (pictures soon!)
Brandon and I will be celebrating 3 years together on March 25 :)
My New Year's resolutions is to network and meet new people
Last but not least is to get my booty to the gym twice a week.


Wednesday, January 4, 2012

{30 Day Photography Challenge}

Happy 2012 to everyone! I'm not really good at keeping up with my blog but I think I found something to help with that ;) As a photographer I felt it quite appropriate to accept this 30 day photography challenge and I'm pretty stoked! Each day (God willing), I will post a photograph that fits the challenge and I will write a little about it. At the end of the 30 days hopefully I will find it easier to keep up with my blog, so let's begin!


Monday, March 28, 2011

{Spring is Here}

The cliche "spring cleaning" is often used this time of year and the term is coined to refer to many types of cleaning.  I have resolved to do a little spring cleaning in my life with the hopes that it will relieve the unnecessary stresses caused by a disorganized room and car (and the rest of my house).  Another part of this cleaning will start with pulling together a few things to donate to a garage sale my friend is putting on for Japan.

On another note, Brandon and I celebrated two years last Friday night! I made him a surprise dinner the night before so that we could spend some time together, and for once it was a total surprise (you don't understand how hard it is to surprise him!).  On the night of our anniversary, we spent the evening with my family, relaxed in the hot tub, and ate delicious steaks followed by watching a couple of episodes of our favorite TV show, House. :) Saturday night we went bowling and some Amy's Ice Cream with some close friends and found out how sore our arms get after playing two games!

On with the fun...

Photography classes have been amazing!  From here on out, we are primarily shooting and editing our work.  I have learned so much and I cannot WAIT to practice all the techniques and editing processes our instructor taught us.  Right now, we are working on our architecture project which is due next week. Some other projects coming up include landscape, pet, flash, portrait, and news photography-- all great opportunities!  I will need to take pictures at two locations with a long, medium, and short focal length for the architecture project.  Last week, I took pictures at the capitol (my first building), though I am still undecided as for what the other location will be.  Either way, I will see what comes to mind when I venture out this weekend... any suggestions?  At the end of the semester, we submit photos for an event called Print Show. For Print Show, we must (by "must," I mean that attendance is required) submit three images- one person, one place, and one thing- that meet the criteria the judges are looking for.  Fortunately, I have some that I hope might make it far in the contest!  Wish me luck!


Wednesday, February 9, 2011


I can still hear my mom singing the Girl Scout song:
"A circle is round, it has no end-- That's how long I will be your friend..."

When you are a girl, nothing beats having friends you can talk with for hours about anything and everything. Today I had the pleasure of spending time with two great friends: Adele and Megan. 

I met Adele 5 or 6 years ago through her boyfriend (husband now), Ian.  Her and I have more reserved personalities and therefore had little to discuss when we first met, but over the years our friendship has turned into one of those relationships I could not live without.  I remember spending the night at her house for her birthday.  We ended up staying awake all night talking, watching movies, and eating an extraordinary amount of sugar.  Her kind and understanding personality makes me comfortable enough to talk to her about anything with no hesitation.  She is like the older sister I never had.  
I love watching her bond with her newborn baby, Ashlyn.  She is, without a doubt, an outstanding mother and I am blessed to be apart of her life.  I definitely enjoy spending time with her and Ashlyn in my free time. 

I first met Megan exactly 19 years and 6 months ago.  From birth, our houses have been across the street from each other.  Up until middle school, we were inseparable!  If I was not at her house, she was at mine.  Summer days were spent playing putt-putt or off on one of our many adventures down at the neighborhood park.  After middle school, we both became busy with school and different activities after school and we slowly stopped hanging out. 
 It is amazing how time changes us, yet at the same time not everything changes. Megan is a cheerleader at UT, and enjoys life at college very much.  I sympathize that she is not totally sure what she wants to study (I have been there and it is NOT fun).  Tonight, we were able to sit down for some coffee at a local Starbucks and catch up.  We visited and laughed for an hour; it was as if time froze and we went back to being 10 years old, playing on the playscape and talking girl talk.  We are both in a really good place in life and I could not be happier for her.  We also promised not to let anymore time pass and to keep in touch!  I definitely cannot wait to catch up with her again.

Friday, February 4, 2011

{Winter Wonder Almost}

What is this white stuff? It is soft and fluffy, cold and wet. Oh that...that is snow! Snow?!? In Austin, Texas? 

Yes!  I excitedly peered out my window this morning to see a pure white blanket of snow covering everything in sight.  I rolled out of bed and bundled up in as many layers and I could (imagine that kid from the Christmas Story).  As I got ready for the possibility of work, I thought of the best way to safely make it over to Brandon's house.  I exited my home to find most of my car covered by a two-inch layer of snow!  As I wrote in "A Cold Morning, But a Beautiful Day," I do not own an ice scraper.  I searched my garage for anything that could possibly be useful to remove the snow, but  the only thing I found was a box of container lids.  Not exactly my first choice, but they would have to do.  As I walked out to my car my dad popped into the room and asked what I was doing.  After explaining my dilemma, he left momentarily and came back with two long sticks with a brush on one end.  With that, I promptly brushed to snow off and jumped in, more than ready to feel the warmth of the heater!
I began the trek to Brandon's house about fifteen miles away.  Unbelievably, a trip that typically takes between 10-15 minutes took an entire 45-60 minutes going a MAXIMUM of 35 mph on Parmer.  Luckily, I made it safely to his house with only a few minor slips and slides-- nothing abnormal to the people who are used to this weather.  I could barely contain my excitement as I entered Brandon's house  to wake him up so he could see the pretty snow!  After getting up, dressing warm, and finding out we didn't have to work until later, we made our game plan.  A while later, we ventured back over to my house to play in the snow.  As I took pictures and tried to stay warm, Brandon started pilling up the snow in the shade so it would not melt.  To me snow is really pretty to look at but a bit too cold and wet!  I definitely would not want to live somewhere that gets heavy amounts of snow.