Friday, January 28, 2011


This whole week has been a blur.  To start off my emotions are out of whack so rationally processing anything is difficult.  The littlest things are huge deals and so on. Yesterday however was not a blur, I remember everything with remarkable distinction.

First off, Jujube (my new bunny) ran out of food so I emailed the nice breeder we got Juju from, asking her what brand she gave her bunnies (that way I could get the same kind).  She told me that brand is only sold at Tractor Supply or online. I looked it up on Tractor Supply's website, and sure enough they had a 25 lb. bag and a 50 lb. bag.  Much to my demise, the only one they had in stock for the next week was the 50 lb. bag. How is my little 2 1/2 bunny suppose to eat all that food, anyway?! Seeing no other option, I drove to the store where it all went down. Allow me to clearly illustrate the scene for you:
I walked into Tractor Supply in my work clothes (nice pants, a nice shirt, sweater, and high heel boots) and asked to be directed to the rabbit food. The oh-so-kind gentleman pointed me in the direction of the food and noted that he only had a 50 lb. bag available. I walked one aisle over to find exactly what I needed...yet how on this green earth was I going to get that oblong, jumbo-sized bag to the cash register, much less to my car? Being only slightly independent and stubborn (oh yes, only "slightly"), I decided I would haul it myself! Sure enough, I lugged, hobbled, and shuffled that bag over to the lady who stood there, chuckling all the while. Next time I shall send my "muscle head" of a boyfriend to fetch Juju's extravagant 50 lb. bag of gourmet good.

After retrieving Miss Thang's food, I hopped into my car and started for home.  Without skipping a beat, my car kindly reminded me it also needed some food when the empty light meekly flicker on.  Ugh!  Filling up has become increasingly daunting as the prices continue to rise.  Nevertheless, I stopped at a reasonably-priced gas station.  The whole process went smoothly!... until I went inside the convenience store.  Being in a less-familiar area of town, I wanted to make the trip as quick as possible.  With gas-pump hands, I turned my focus to the dingy, stinky restroom.  The door to the bathroom was undoubtedly one of the heaviest doors I have tried to open; I have reason to believe the door was too large for the frame built to support it.  After almost breaking into the bathroom, I washed my hands and proceeded to commit the act that still lingers in my memory (and stride!).  Recalling how difficult the door was to pry open, I planted my feet and wrenched it open as hard as I could.  The next thing I knew, tears streaked down my cheeks and to the cold tile floor.  In my efforts to jerk the door open, I managed to drive the inside edge of the door right into the center of my knee, causing shooting pains throughout my leg.  Thoroughly hurt and embarrassed, I limped back to my car, not caring to look back at the cashier who was probably wondering what happened.
All in all, what felt like a split kneecap showed up as a nice bruise on the middle of my knee.  I guess I cannot complain too much, right?

Later that evening, I was more than happy to arrive at my next destination- as planned- to enjoy a nice, low-key dinner with Brandon.  That place happened to be the delicious restaurant, Olive Garden, where one would have to be crazy not to fall in love with the breadsticks!
I digress.
We returned to his house for some rest and relaxation-- just what the doctor ordered!


  1. First - I ADORE that picture of Jujube! Second, that was lame of Tractor Supply. Stores like that hire muscle for that purpose alone! I should know, I visit there and other feed stores more often then clothing stores! But, we seriously need to work on your arm muscle! lol. I lift 50lb horse feed bags in bulk all the time. In fact I can carry two at a time. :p Such is the life of a horse person.

  2. Yeah I was too stubborn to ask for help lol. If I wasn't wearing heels it would have been easier but I agree. I need to work on my arm muscles. Props for lifting 2 of those bags :)