Wednesday, January 26, 2011

{A cold morning, but a beautiful day}

Breakfast is ready, lunch is made, and bags are packed--off to school on time! Well maybe not...

As I opened the door I was greeted by a cold burst of air that instantly made my eyes water. While approaching my car I noticed a thin layer of glittering ice crystals, not thinking much about it I unlocked the doors and started the car. Much to my dismay there was a layer of ice on my windshield and living in Texas I do not own an ice scraper (guess now I should invest in one) to remove it. Therefore I had to wait while the defrost system in my car worked its magic, all the while watching the clock get later and later. Luckily my teacher was understanding and did not count me late.

In my photography class we went over f/stops, depth of field, shutter speeds, and ISO. I never knew all the steps that went into taking good quality pictures. We have a weekend project to work on depth of field, so I am excited to practice all the different things we have talked about in class. I will admit, I am a little overwhelmed by all the new terms and concepts but at the same time so ready to learn everything there is the know about this new world. My teacher went over the all other classes we will take if we choose photography as our major and I wish I could take them all at once! I can already tell I am going to LOVE every bit of it! My second class is digital imaging which is the editing part of photography (pretty self explanatory).  It also has a lot of new terms and concepts that I heard of but never really thought about. I was happy to find out we are using the same editing software that I already know how to use, which is exciting to a person who does not know much about computers (that is what Brandon is for LOL). I am really excited to see where photography takes me in life, there are so many great opportunities up a head...

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